Minimally invasive repair of acute Achilles tendon injury

description of technique and evaluation of outcomes

Keywords: Achilles tendon/injuries, Achilles tendon/surgery, Rupture/surgery, Tendon Injuries/surgery, Minimally invasive surgical procedures, Treatment outcome


Objective: Describe a minimally invasive surgical technique for acute repair of Achilles tendon injuries, and evaluate outcomes. Methods: Nine subjects with primary Achilles tendon injury who underwent the minimally invasive repair technique between July and October 2018 were assessed. All subjects were followed up, and the SF-36 quality of life questionnaire was applied after the first postoperative year to evaluate treatment outcomes. Results: The participants had average scores greater than 90 points in the SF-36 questionnaire, with widespread treatment adherence. Only one subject had an infectious complication in the postoperative period. Conclusion: The technique described for acute Achilles tendon repair is simple, uses basic materials, is a low-cost method and, in this series, produced good clinical outcomes measured by the SF-36 Questionnaire. Level of Evidence IV; Therapeutic Study; Case Series.

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Oliveira, R. L. de, Martins, J. S., & Silva, P. H. M. (2020). Minimally invasive repair of acute Achilles tendon injury: description of technique and evaluation of outcomes. Journal of the Foot & Ankle, 14(1), 62-67.